Disabled Driver Lessons in Oxfordshire

Camber Automatic Driving School is based in Witney & serves mainly West Oxfordshire area.

Many people with a physical disability, with special needs are driving on our roads today. It may be possible to drive a manual car, but sometimes this is not always possible and maybe easier to drive a car with an automatic transmission.

Sometimes modified or adapted controls are needed. Camber Driving School have access to a range of cars with automatic transmission and various adaptations. John Hutchins has had specialist training in using all of the different types of adaptations and understands the correct way to use the vehicle safely.

Push Pull accelerator & brake hand controls

The push pull hand controls are available as either left or right handed adaptation, this is useful for people who find using the standard pedals for braking and acceleration difficult. Pull back to accelerate and push forward to brake.

Electronic Accelerator Ring

This transfers the acceleration from the foot pedal to the wheel, useful for those drivers with complete lack of functionality of both lower limbs. The ring can be under or in front of the original wheel.

Steering Ball For Wheel

A popular and simple adaptation fitted to the steering wheel, enables you to drive one handed and still maintain full control of the car. It is an effective alternative to having to hold and release while turning it.

Left Foot Accelerator

An alternative addition which can be added to your car, for people who are unable to use their right leg to accelerate. These can be tucked away when not in use, meaning your car can be operated by disabled and able-bodied drivers.

We usually have special offers to choose from, just ask John for the latest deals – perhaps our Semi Intensive Driving Course, or block booking for discounted prices.

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