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Recommendations for Camber Automatic Driving School in North-West Oxfordshire

Camber is a reputable Driving School, based in Witney, Oxfordshire. we value our customer feedback and reviews. We learn and grow from our clients experiences. Here are some of the lovely things that our past students have said about us. If you are a past client of Camber Driving School, have something terrific to say and would like to recommend us or endorse us then please email us or alternatively write them directly on our Facebook page.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Martin for helping me pass my driving test yesterday. I was an anxious driver and Martin really helped me feel confident. Always calm and patient. He was more than happy to answer all my questions! Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn in an automatic

Emily wall 28th November 2023

A big thank you to John, for helping me pass my driving test. John was extremely helpful and patient and overall a positive energy to be around. Which helps massively when you are a nervous driver. He made sure I understood absolutely everything and boosted my confidence more and more with every lesson. I will be recommending Camber driving school to my friends and anyone I know who is trying to learn to drive in automatic!

Gracie sands 23rd November 2023

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to John at Camber driving school for helping me pass my driving test first time! 

 He’s been such a great instructor and made me feel so comfortable learning to drive. He really helped me gain the confidence I needed to pass and was always so calm and patient which was just what I needed as I used to be such an anxious driver. I highly recommend if you are wanting to learn in an automatic, I honestly couldn’t thank him enough. Couldn’t recommend a better instructor to learn with, thanks so much John 

Alice Tyson 17th November 2023

With Martin’s help, I’ve passed my driving test first attempt this week. He is an very patient and responsible instructor.  I greatly appreciated his understanding on my nervous and mistakes at the beginning.  We’ve been through a good learning progress, he helped overcame the difficulties step by step finally be well prepared for the test. 

Thank you very much again, highly recommend! 

Jessica Ho 10th October 2023

Martin is a very patient instructor who helped me build my confidence on the road. He’s very friendly and quite knowledgeable driving instructor. I will really recommend him to anyone who is looking for an instructor who will make learning relaxing and enjoyable. I passed my driving test on my second attempt. 

Mercy Alozie 11th July 2023

I would like to start by saying a massive thank you to John. He helped me pass my practical driving test FIRST TIME!! I chose to do the intensive course which was 35 hours over 3 weeks.
Even during my first lesson, John made me confident and comfortable in the car which helped me improve my driving lesson by lesson as my confidence grew. John is extremely patient and understanding. We got to know each other well after 35 hours of driving and this helped no end.
John is extremely knowledgeable about his job so rest assured you are in safe hands with him.
John helped me gain my independence and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Alison Mason 16th May 2023

Just passed my driving test first time with the help from Martin! Very good instructor, explained everything clearly and helped me thoroughly prepare for my test. I would highly recommend. Thank you Martin

Evie Langley – 6th March 2023

I really want to say heartfelt thank to Martin. He is very nice and very good instructor.

Salou Lam – 4th December 2022

I would like to say a massive thank you to Martin for helping me pass my driving test in Oxford today, with Martin sitting in the back of the car to support me.
I had had so much fun learning with him and I can’t thank him enough for how calm he is and understanding with every situation we have been though.
I will miss him, but now I’m so excited to go and enjoy the freedom of driving on my own, I would highly recommend Martin from Camber Driving School.

Phatchara – 21st November 2022

I passed my test a couple of weeks ago, and I cannot thank Martin enough for getting me there. He was fantastic from day one, immediately easing my nerves with his laid back personality and relaxed teaching method. It took me a while to get there, so I also appreciate his understanding and patience. A great instructor for nervous drivers! 

Thank you Martin, and all the best for the future.

Rosie Pickup- September 2022

I just want to say another huge thank you  for everything you have done for me. Although I’m so happy to have finally passed, I’m going to miss having you there Martin, your patience and guidance was exceptional!! In my opinion the best instructor there is! Thank you so much!

Troy Urquart – 15th September 2022

I can wholeheartedly recommend John as an instructor. My journey was a long one, cancelling my first test, failing my second one, and finally passing on my third 12 months after starting lessons. Lockdown scheduling aside, I needed every one of those lessons to be safe enough to drive my daughters, and I’ll be forever grateful to John for having the patience to stick with me and hold me to high standards to make me ready for what I need to do. 5 stars!

Ian Randolph – 8th September 2022

Thank you so much, John.

I passed my driving test first time with only 2 minors. I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support from start to finish. I can now finally say I enjoy driving, all thanks to your calm and understanding ways of teaching. If it wasn’t for you I’d still be a nervous wreck. Thanks so much again, highly recommend. 

Georgia Moore – 7th September 2022

I just want to say a huge thank you for everything you have done to help and support me through my driving journey …. It’s been a pleasure having someone so clam and trusting so thank you so much Martin.

Nerrisa Lloyd – 6th September2022

Thank you so much John. Passed first time today, John has been amazing all the way through. I was a very nervous driver at the start, he’s always been very calm and understanding. Couldn’t recommend enough. Thanks again.

Sophie Ormrod – 25th August 2022

Just passed my test today thanks to camber driving school!! Could not recommend him more, he is brilliant. Always found time to help me out, always patient, filled me with confidence and gave me all the guidance needed to pass my test. The best advice he gave was to stay calm, believe in yourself and know that you can do it. Thank you so much John!!

Ellie Grimsley – 9th August 2022

I started driving with Martin back in January and he has been an excellent teacher helping me every step of the way having faith in me when I certainly didn’t. And because of this I passed my test today in Banbury, once again thank you Martin. I really couldn’t have done it without your help and support.

Jenny Goncalo – 4th August 2022

A big big Thank you to John!

Less than a year ago I contacted John wanting to learn to drive. I told him I’ve never driven a car, and I was very nervous but I wanted to conquer it for me and my 3 children. 

⭐️ Just last Wednesday I passed! ⭐️ 

He filled me with so much confidence, he made me relaxed from the off! He doesn’t push you, but encourages you that you CAN do it.

I owe it all to you John! Thank you again! 🙂🙂


Olivia Clarke – 23rd May 2022

Hi Martin, just wanted to say thank you for all your  support over the last few months. I feel your training style was very much what I needed to get the confidence to drive. I wish you luck in the future and if you ever see me please feel free to say hi.

Thanks again,


Luke Harris – 22nd May 2022

Cannot thank John enough for helping me get back into learning to drive and for being so supportive and patient!! He gave me the confidence to drive and believe in myself! He also drove to South Wales with me so I could do my test in my home town! 

Would recommend him to anyone that’s wanting to learn. Such a lovely guy and fab experience!!

Abbie – 30th October 2021

Had such a great experience learning with camber driving school. Helped me conquer my fear of roundabouts! Very patient and good with taking into consideration people’s needs.

Taya Philips – 9th September2021

“Well what can I say, after so many years of stopping and starting driving with 2 other instructors I finally found John through my brother and I’m so glad I did. I was a nervous wreck and I had no self belief, I put down everything I did, told myself I was rubbish. But he (John) was so patient with me and reassuring telling me actually you can do it, you just need to believe in yourself and I finally did that and this man got me to pass 1st time with only 2 minors. You are fantastic so thank you I couldn’t have passed without you. I would highly recommend.”

Kym Godin – 4th March 2020

“Recently just passed my test first time and was using Camber Driving school from the start. John is an excellent driving instructor, he adapted every lesson to make sure that it is tailored especially to you so you’re able to make the best progress and make the all-important driving test look effortless. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive, at any natural ability or confidence level.” 
Thank You again, John

Sam Chipper – 12th February 2020

“John is so, so lovely! So patient and understanding, makes you feel so much more relaxed while driving. Could never have passed without him!
Thank you so much John!”

Sophie Rooke – 11th February 2020

 “John is a fantastic driving instructor who taught me really well. His calmness, kindness and knowledge allowed me to progress quickly and confidently as well as always giving me constructive criticism about what I could improve on. I learned in Oxford and I was well prepared for my test as he took me on many of the routes beforehand which was really helpful.
I would definitely recommend him to anyone learning to drive!”

Megan Pemberton – 30th January 2020

 “John is an amazing instructor and a lovely person. I had lessons for a long time with 2 other instructors and was extremely nervous! As soon as I started with John my confidence and ability grew very quickly down to John’s patience and ability to understand everyone learns differently and he can work with that.
I passed first time and yes I was the driver but John was the teacher who taught me all I needed to know.”
Thank you John, you’re the best!!!”

Kathryn Luft – 15 January 2020

 “I am so so happy to be starting 2020 with a driving licence! I couldn’t have done it without John, he is so patient kind and it’s been so amazing to have someone teaching me who is so positive and happy. He’s genuinely so down to earth and easy to talk to.
John simplifies things so much and has made driving for me fun. Just as I was giving up hope on ever having a licence I found John and his super automatic smart car! He didn’t judge me or try and steer me into manual lessons, he was acceptive that I had struggled and was dedicated to teaching me and make driving a good experience for me.
John was super flexible around me and my family, school times and different places of pick up around my childcare. John also invited me in November to take part in the big learner relay, it was an absolute experience and i feel so honoured to have been part of leading the learner cars in part of the relay in aid for children in need.
My test was booked on the 31st December and he made sure I had lessons very close to Xmas to prepare me when most would be off work. I’d recommend John to anyone, a non judgemental dedicated kind driving instructor I’ll miss our weekly lessons! “

Jade Huckin – 02 January 2020

 “I PASSED my Driving Test today.. it took me 3 times… I was quite nervous when I first started driving with John.. it didn’t take me long to gain my confidence thanks to John.. I would like to take this opportunity to Thank John for his kindness; calmness; reliability and approachability… I can not praise you enough… I will recommend you to other learners… so much so i have already booked driving lessons for my twin girls.”

Viki Winstanley – 27 December 2019

 “John is an incredible instructor who has the most amount of patience, reliability and kindness towards his learners. I passed first time this week after doing 30 hours of lessons in a semi intensive course, all in just 6 weeks!! Couldn’t of wished for a better instructor and would recommend him to anyone, no matter their needs. Thank you for everything John!”

Tilly Bartlett – 18 December 2019

 “John is a great driving instuctor. Even though i was really nervous he always gave me constructive feedback and he always was very paitent would highly recommend! Thank you John.”

Marie Leach – 21st October 2019

 “Honestly,I highly highly recommend this driving school to everyone! After 9 long and emotional years and 4 driving instructors later I finally passed my test with John!

It’s been a long tough road with some instructors shouting at me and some who made me feel uncomfortable and I would cry before going on a lesson and would be crying after them. Failing two tests but knowing I would before hand. John has honestly been the silver lining!! All I needed was my confidence built and a calm, laid back person who would let you make mistakes but not shout and make you feel stupid. Best driving school and the BEST driving instructor. I cannot thank John enough for finally getting me through my test. Thank you, thank you .”

Amber Bishop – 5th October 2019

 “Learning with Rachel at Camber Driving School was easy and enjoyable. I passed first time and I did it all at my own pace. I would highly recommend Rachel as an instructor as it is easy to get on with her and learn so it is never boring. If you are a learner, I would recommend using Camber Driving School.”

Kyle Young – 28th June 2019

 “I would highly recommend John. He is very patient and supportive, clear with his instructions and made me feel at ease from the very beginning. I’ve really enjoyed my experience learning with John and have recommended him to my friend. First class.”

Natalie Rogers – 22nd May 2019

 “Thank you so much for teaching me, I wouldn’t have done it without you!!! Amazing instructor, Very kind and supportive, got me through my driving and I passed first time!!! Couldn’t of asked for a better instructor, thank you John!!! Would definitely recommend to other people.”

Rebecca Kinchin – 8th April 2019

 “I am pleased to tell you that Charles passed yesterday! Thank you very much for your help. I have to say that your attitude to his training was a welcome change to to that of several other driving instructors I have experienced. Your willingness to provide lessons to compliment the practice he had had with me was refreshing. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.”

Paul Fletcher – 28th March 2019

 “Such an incredible instructor, so patient and easy to talk to. I was so anxious about driving but John was so patient and understanding. Really recommend to anyone who is nervous or not too sure about being on the roads.”

Abi Hornsby – 18th January 2019

 “Hi John driving lessons with you were easygoing with still being formal I came away from every lesson feeling like I had learnt something as a result I passed first time. You were far better than my previous instructor, I would definitely recommend to any new driver. Many thanks Dan.”

Daniel Cox – 4th December 2018

 “Driving lessons were great, felt really comfortable throughout each one. John was a great help in making me have a better understanding of driving which gave me a lot of confidence going in for and passing my test.”

Will McEachran – 4th December 2018

 “Hi John just wanted to say a massive Thank you so much for getting me through my test! Brilliant instructor I will be recommending you to others.”

Sarah Hughs – 5th November 2018

 “Finally got my driving licence back this morning which I’m thrilled about even though it’s only valid for a year and I’ll have to reapply next year. I’m incredibly grateful to you – thank you so much for your help and assistance.”

Steve Mills – 12th November 2018

 “I think an intensive course is the best way to go if you really want to drive and will listen and not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone, I think you as an instructor are brilliant and know what your talking about and will actually let you drive not like other places that don’t want to do much and get more lessons out of you, I wouldn’t have got zero minors if it wasn’t for you, thanks a lot Harry.”

Harry Belson – 22nd October 2018

 “John makes you feel comfortable while learning to drive and easy to ask questions or concerns on the road. Definitely would recommend!”

Emelia Callaghan – 15th November 2018

 “Would 100% highly recommend John to anyone looking to start driving! He made the lessons suitable for me and kept me calm the whole time. John was also happy to pick me up from different locations, either being home or work. I cannot thank John enough for everything he did with me.”

Emily Everett Brown – 10th October 2018

 “Again thank you so much for your help. I really enjoyed our lessons and all of them were super helpful in every aspect of improving my driving skills.”

Rachel Nyssen – 5th October 2018

 “I lost a lot of confidence after failing 4 driving tests and this is when I was recommended to come to John. He was instantly welcoming and his calm approach made me feel very comfortable in something I was not confident with. I failed a further 3 times due to lack of confidence and each time John was patient and positive and encouraged me to keep trying again. I have finally passed my test after 8 attempts and if it wasn’t for Johns incredible instructing and supervising I think I would have given up! Would happily recommend 100 times over – thank you so so much!”

Ella Martini – 10th September 2018

 “Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!! I’m sorry I didn’t have chance to text you yesterday but I really couldn’t of gone through all that kept calm and pass if it wasn’t for you. I’m so grateful for your time and effort to help me get my license back! You’re brilliant thank you again.”

Amy Woods – 7th September 2018

 “John is a fantastic instructor, difficult parts of the driving test are made easy to understand with his friendly approach. I have been with 3 instructors to date, and John is far ahead of the others! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in passing their test.”

James Nash – 28th August 2018

 “John was an incredible instructor with so much knowledge and skills when it comes to driving. Before contacting Camber Driving, I had a few lessons with a previous instructor and totally lost confidence in my ability and thought I would never pass my driving test. With John’s patience and reassurance, I began to believe that it was only a matter of time until I passed rather than a question of whether I would. Passing my driving test has given me an independence I have always wanted and I am so glad I gave it another shot. Thank you so much John for everything, you are truly great at what you do.”

Keziah Horgan – 30th July 2018

 “Thank you, it’s all your merit! John is an exceptional driving instructor. He managed to find a special approach to such a difficult learner as myself. He is extremely patient and attentive to you. He praises you for success and encourages you to develop. I highly recommend to have 3 hours lessons before the test and 2 hours on the day. This helps a lot to pass the test.”

Marina Nikoleavna Sidorenko – 30th April 2018

 “John is a quiet, calm and informative instructor who will get you to test standard in as few lessons as possible. His students First Time pass rates are a strong testament to this. I would thoroughly recommend him.”

Alicia Plaistow – 29th June 2017