The following terms and conditions apply to myself John Hutchins and pupil at the time of undertaking tuition with camber Driving School. The Terms and conditions may be changed at any time with a minimum period of “7 days” Notice. Tuition Criteria You must be in possession of a UK provisional / full driving licence and be 17 or over, although tuition may be given to those persons over the age of 14 on private ground with the land owners permission. You must be able to read a number plate at the required distance of 20 metres (66 feet) for provisional drivers. You must be able to read a number plate at the required distance of 26.5 metres (86 feet) for the Advanced Driving Test. (with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary). All medical conditions which may affect the ability to drive, must be declared before the start of any lessons. Lessons Time, date and location is to be agreed between myself John Hutchins and the pupil. The pupil may end the lesson in a different location, but only if agreed in advance, otherwise the lesson will end at the pickup point. The lesson will not start if I John Hutchins has any suspicion of the use of drugs or the drinking of alcohol, or I may stop the lesson at any time if I feel the pupil is not physically or mentally able to drive the car responsibly. The lesson will still be charged for. Cancellation of lessons If a lesson needs to be cancelled a minimum of “48 hours” notice must be given, this can be by telephone or text. Cancellations made less than “48 hours” will be charged in full at the current hourly rate. Where a discounted block booking has been made the current full hourly rate will be charged not the discounted hourly rate.


Payment for lessons can be made by cash, debit/credit card or by bank transfer. All payments must be made before the start of driving lessons. All pay as you go pupils must always maintain one hour in credit, which will be retained until the test day. The one hour of credit will be lost in the event a pupil is unable to make a lesson without sufficient warning in advance.

If myself John Hutchins turn up for the driving lesson at the agreed time and location (depending on traffic conditions) and you the pupil are not in, after a period of 5 minutes waiting time a card will be left and you will be charged the full amount for the agreed lesson.

Price Changes

I reserve the right to increase my lesson rates at any time, when this is the case a minimum of 1 calendar month will be given to the pupil.

Ready for test

I John Hutchins will advise you the pupil when you will be ready for your driving test, I will monitor your progress throughout the lessons and make any decision accordingly. I will also book the driving the driving test for you once the correct fee has been paid, this is currently £62 and will be paid to the DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) not myself. Use of car test fee is to be paid at time of booking currently £90. If you the pupil decide to cancel or move test date I reserve the right to withhold the fee. I also reserve the right to withhold my car for test I believe you the pupil are not at test standard.

Refund Policy

You the pupil are entitled to a refund of any prepaid lesson or lessons. Where a block booking has been made and a discount applied at the time of booking the refund will be less any hours taken at the full current hourly rate. Payments by cash/bank transfer will be refunded by cheque to the payee’s address. If I am unable to do this, then I reserve the right to refund you by any other method I deem appropriate. Refunds may take up to 14 working days.

Transfer of lessons

Prepaid or block booked lessons are not transferable to any other person.


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